When we say we don’t believe in the status quo, we also mean the status quo of people constantly saying exactly that.

Something’s happened. Our world has been so inundated with messages that too many brands and people get stuck in herd mentality. They adhere to what’s ‘expected’ of them and end up missing an incredible opportunity to be bold, authentic and truly original.

When we say we’re pirates, this is why. It’s because when Steve Jobs and the Macintosh team famously hoisted their Jolly Roger flag aimed at Apple HQ, it wasn’t to declare anarchy. Or thievery. It was to invoke the spirit of pirates of centuries ago, the ones who decided to follow a different set of rules and set sail in a new direction.

This is what drives everything we do. Every story we write, every slide we design, every word we say and even the ones we make up – it’s to help you realize no one’s ever made a lasting impression on the world by saying the same thing as everyone around them.

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  • Yes. We have a theme song.

    We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Fortune Favors the Bold. We’re nothing if not authentic, so in tribute to one of our foundational beliefs, we decided to create a rockin’ video.  Read More

  • Backwards Clock
    The Backwards Clock

    We’re a big fan of Grace Hopper. She once famously said, “The most dangerous phrase in the English language is, ‘We’ve always done it this way.’ ” Her signature embodiment of this philosophy took form in a clock in her office that she custom engineered to both read and tick backwards. Needless to say, we couldn’t agree with her more. And to help us push our clients to think differently and break free from norms of expected communication strategies, we bought a backwards clock for ourselves.

  • Wheel of Blame
    Wheel of Blame

    Occasionally, things happen in the office that require someone to take the fall. Maybe it’s snowing outside, or the television mysteriously won’t turn off. Instead of pointing fingers, we take it to chance… and then point fingers. After a good spin of the wheel, some waiting, and a signature clicking sound heard all through the walls, we’ve nailed our culprit once and for all. So there you have it, the Packers Jay Cutler are is responsible for everything always.

  • The Gong

    Nothing signifies the start of a dedicated work session more than a good strike to our trusty gong and a well-crafted rhyme from our resident wordsmith, Maxx. You think we’re kidding? There’s video proof above… We take gonging very seriously. On that note, we have work to do.

  • Custom Orange Nikes

    We love orange. We wear it…literally. From tip to tail, we’re obviously unabashedly proud of what we believe and aren’t afraid to show it. That’s why each crew member gets a pair of custom Nikes on their one year anniversary designed by fashion guru Brian Burkhart.

  • Douchebag Jar
    Douchebag Jar – A.K.A. Mason

    We were inspired by the show New Girl, but also needed a pseudo HR department. Anytime someone says or does something inappropriate or obnoxious, they’re forced to jar up. Also, his name is Mason. Follow him on Twitter

  • The Bunion Bonus

    We believe in family, and we believe in strong relationships. We also believe that people will do just about anything for $50. This is why, if a member of our crew so chooses, a photograph of you giving a foot rub to your significant other’s parent/grandparent will earn you $50 cold hard cash. Featured above is Derek, one of our veteran bunion rubbers.


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