We asked Brian this very question (duh, this is the Frequently Asked Questions section) and the Chief Word Guy’s answer was so wordy that we didn’t want to subject you to a block of text. A block of cheese? Yes. A block of text? No. Great, glad that’s settled.

Turn up your speakers and listen here:

To us, pretty much anything can be a presentation. A PowerPoint deck, the expression of your company’s brand, clothing, a billboard, an endcap, even a gumball machine.
It’s right there on the homepage. But, if you were too lazy to scroll through the entire thing, here’s a link to it. Also, Derek is a bit disappointed in you because he worked really hard on that homepage.
He hasn’t moved a muscle from this spot since 1882.
Sorry in advance. We already know our answer sucks… but it really depends on the type of project. What we can tell you is that projects involving presentation development typically range from $10k – $20k. We can’t stress enough that each project comes with their own set of set of unique parameters. Also, we’re not for everyone… remember, we’re pirates. If we’re a good fit for one another, we’ll create the best possible solution for your money—if not, don’t pay us. If your project isn’t in our wheelhouse, chances are we’ve got a guy (or gal).

If you’re working on a budget, don’t rule us out quite yet. We’ve got training and workshop options that start well below the price point of our presentation development and event services. We also have totally FREE resources including an eGuide for creating amazing presentations.

  1. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s character is first introduced to the franchise in this movie, and everything he’s in is pure magic. #franchiseviagra
  2. Because Kim says so.
Yep! We were inspired by the show New Girl, but also needed a pseudo HR department. Anytime someone says or does something inappropriate or obnoxious, they’re forced to jar up. Also, his name is Mason. Follow him on Twitter

*Do we need to jar up because we’re talking about it now? Is it like Fight Club where you’re not allowed to talk about it?*

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