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At SquarePlanet, we believe in making waves.

We believe in the power of great storytelling.

We also believe in the implicit power of a great story. And we know that a picture really is worth a thousand words. We think presentations are amazing opportunities, not tasks that undoubtedly suck the life out of a room. We’re looking for fine craftsmen, but don’t let the colloquial nature of the term fool you, non-males please apply.

We’re looking for another pirate to join our cause and propel the business of business communications forward. And this isn’t the horn of Africa or Johnny Depp kind of pirate, no. This is the break the rules, take risks, think different kind, Steve Jobs, kind of pirate.

First and Foremost Our Promise to You

At SquarePlanet, we believe it’s our responsibility to answer the all-important question “WIIFM?” If you aren’t familiar, that stands for “what’s in it for me?” Well, we’re glad you asked. We believe the relationship between an employee and the company s/he represents should be one of mutual benefit. And we want you to know that we take this philosophy to heart and actually act on it. So what will we give you as a member of our team?

  • A Safe Place to Work. And by safe we not only mean a place free from ax murderers and carjackers, we mean a place where psychological safety is practiced. Every member of our team believes that creating a nurturing environment where everyone can show up as the full version of themselves is the foundation to our success. We’ll bring you into our little family immediately and do everything we can to make you feel like a valued contributor from day one. We want to know your strengths, weaknesses, dreams and fears. We’re too fanatical about engineering delight for our clients to allow internal politics and BS to slow us down. And we’ve found that the fastest way to eliminate the nonsense is to get real with each other and act more like a family than a business.
  • Money. We’ll pay you what you’re worth and likely a little bit more. We believe people are the only sustainable competitive advantage in business and we put our money where our mouth is.
  • Benefits. We know how important it is to feel like you have the appropriate safety net for life’s unpredictable moments. Whether it’s medical, a 401(k) or flexibility in your schedule to accommodate for normal life stuff, we always lean toward generosity.

Learning & Growth. Over the course of our company’s history, one lesson has been etched in stone. When our teammates feel like they’re growing and being challenged, they consistently rise to the challenges we face and hit them with optimism and enthusiasm. We know that creating value for both our clients and SquarePlanet makes all the difference. That’s why we believe it’s our responsibility to invest in your growth and development while you’re in our care. When we do that, everyone wins.

Here’s What To Expect:

We typically rebuke the well-worn path, but we’re not rebellious without cause. We believe art is what moves the world and stirs the soul. And we know that artists, and true masters of the arts, exist in a myriad of forms. Our methods have already had a remarkable effect on many notable brands, but that doesn’t mean we’re a great fit for every suitor.

SquarePlanet is on the prowl for a designer extraordinaire. You will be an integral part of a small, yet mighty team, with a mission to help visualize stories that make the complex simple, the ugly beautiful and the boring bold. We exist to help our clients most important messages be easily understood, remembered, and acted upon.  We make presentations that matter. We produce conferences and events that engage and educate. We teach skills that elevate people and performances.

Your role will be critical in helping the team craft the “oooohs and ahhhhhs” our clients have come to expect. In fact, if you think this role is about making slides or simply designing a PowerPoint deck, please move on to the next job posting, SquarePlanet isn’t for you. But if you’re the kind of designer who loves developing unique, engaging ways to transform the benign to the bodacious, keep reading.  Make no mistake, you’re gonna make a lot of PowerPoint decks, but these are a very long way from the typical.

You’ll need to be a consummate professional. We believe that all members of our team, as well as our clients, treat each other with honesty, respect, and compassion. We believe the work we do and the manner in which we do it must always be rich in responsibility and fairness.

You should have a strong desire to follow our protocol and procedure. But, you’re expected to speak up if you know a better way. You should be thrilled to jump in and help, knowing your greatest responsibility is actually to your fellow employees first.

You know how to find the perfect balance between speed and quality. You are a life-long learner. You are open to ideas, open to collaboration and okay with not always getting your way.

Sometimes we work too many hours in a row. Sometimes we struggle to fill the idle time. Sometimes we work in cold ballrooms at large convention hotels in places like Las Vegas and Orlando. Sometimes we work at home, on a company-supplied laptop, in our PJ’s. We work an honest day and we’re not thrilled with results that are anything less than jaw-dropping.

You’d be a great candidate if the following list sounds like you:

1. You have experience working within a fast-paced design team. We’re in search of someone who can help steer the ship, but is more than willing to take direction from other shipmates. We’re keen on sunny, personable people who understand the need to be proactive, organized and obsessed with moving projects forward. Negative Nancy or Sullen Sam need not apply.

2. It’s non-negotiable / mission critical for you to possess deep knowledge and skills in the Adobe Creative Suite, PowerPoint, and Apple Keynote. Motion graphics knowledge is big. Very big. HUGE. REALLY HUGE.

3. You can effectively communicate with team members and clients. That means a certain maturity and confidence. It means you are able to write a cogent email, speak on the phone professionally and carry yourself in-person like a true pro. It means use of emoji, Snapchat and Instagram are not your best methods of communicating.

4. You know how to juggle. Lots of projects, lots of timelines. You need to be able to effectively divide and conquer assignments within the team, as well as collaborate on the overall creative of every project. Okay, you don’t really need to know how to juggle, you just need to be able to handle various tasks, personalities, and deadlines at a single time. But frankly, it wouldn’t hurt your chances if you could actually juggle. Just sayin’.

5. Are you a slower learner? Need long hours to digest material for full comprehension? Is your spirit animal a desert tortoise? Does the mere notion of a crock-pot put a smile on your face? Yeah, you’re gonna fail here.

6. Mistakes happen, after all you’re human. (You ARE human, right?) It’s how you recover that matters. We expect people to make BIG mistakes, not little ones. Seriously. Spell a client’s name wrong = very very bad. Delete the whole server of every existing asset we’ve ever created = so catastrophic that we’d laugh. Point is, we’re not expecting perfect, but we are looking for professionals who care about the work and the approach taken around that work.

7. You effectively utilize the biologically-driven ratio of two ears and one mouth. This means you listen more than you talk. Our founder is the notable exception to this rule and it is what it is.

8. You’ve been exposed to corporate meetings and events. The majority of the work we do is in direct support of conferences. While not a deal-breaker, any knowledge, even cursory, of this side of our business is helpful.

8. Desire to join a company built around great culture and great work. SquarePlanet enjoys an enviable client list of world class brands that contract us to provide high-value work in a timely, professional manner. The expectation is that all employees fit that same mold.

Basic Requirements

  • Bachelors degree in Graphic Design or other similar field from a respected school.
  • Actual experience, think 6-10 years of relevant work experience as a Production Artist / Production Designer / Graphic Designer with a compelling portfolio you’re excited to share.
  • That you caught the numbering typo above.
  • Mac person, but capable in Windows.
  • Jedi master of Adobe CS applications plus PowerPoint and Keynote.
  • You don’t smell like dirty shoes.
  • Able to professionally express yourself with written and verbal communication skills.
  • True self-starter. Not our job to write your to-do list every day.
  • A nice person, that people generally like. Sorry, your nana doesn’t count.
  • Willingness to travel on a somewhat-regular basis.
  • You live in the Valley of the Sun. Our world headquarters is centrally located near Piestewa (Squaw) Peak.
  • Or you live in the great city of Chicago, our Midwest office is located near the Ravenswood neighborhood.

SquarePlanet offers a competitive salary, healthcare benefits, a 401(k)-retirement package, a generous PTO policy, 9 paid holidays, a pair of custom Nike shoes upon your one-year anniversary, a truly congenial, collaborative, and professional work environment, copious amounts of creative freedom and a client list you’d be proud to be associated with.

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