3 Ways to Boost Your Presentation With a Smartphone

September 14, 2016

Between daily experiences, online articles, social media posts and the news on television—there’s certainly no shortage of stories. But still, businesses continue to present overwhelming facts and figures to encourage people to make important decisions. I call bushleague!

As communicators, it’s up to us to pay attention to what’s happening around us and draw parallels to our ideas. This encourages people to make decisions like humans, not robots, by making complex ideas easy to understand. This is why we at SquarePlanet follow a simple rule when it comes to communication—we call it 87/13/13. Simply put, we believe 87% of your time should be spent on creating quality content—of which stories being the primary component.

Crafting a story can be challenging. You want it to easily convey your message and connect with your audience. We always recommend a personal approach, but sometimes great stories come from moments of inspiration. Even though we use it every day, we often forget about the inspiration generator in our pockets—our smartphones!

To boost your presentation, consider these 3 ways to use a smartphone to discover stories. Fun fact: Each of these tips were actually inspired by looking at my cell phone.

Facebook Article - Tiny Houses

Tiny House Article on Facebook Mobile

Social Nuggets

Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any of the countless social networks you’re subscribed to—you’re sitting on a goldmine of inspiration. As you’re scrolling, pay attention. See an article about tiny houses? Perfect! You’re now primed with a story that demonstrates how scaling back can help overcome the challenges of working with a smaller team.


Daily Water Cooler - 9/14/16Inbox Gems

Some genius told me to subscribe to the Daily Water Cooler newsletter. Seriously, whoever it was I owe you big time! Now, simplified bits of news arrive directly in my inbox each morning. Every headline is a potential spark to help me connect with someone about something–whether it’s at the actual water cooler or on a call with a client. Find websites that curate content for you and subscribe to have it delivered to you as often as you’d like.


This Day In History App - Luna 2 Story

This Day In History App

Move Backwards in Time

Today in 1979, the Soviet Union launched their probe Luna 2 into space and crash landed it on the surface of the moon. Despite the fact that it wasn’t a man on the moon, it was still a giant leap for mankind. The Russians were the first to put a spacecraft on the moon’s surface and the first man-made object on a celestial body. Their outcome catalyzed the race to inevitably put a man on the moon and it also led to a world-wide trend of crash landing spacecrafts to test ejected debris for ice. This great story can help you connect with someone about not needing to achieve perfection to make important impact! Other great stories from our past come to you from the handy dandy app called This Day in History.




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