About Brent

Brent comes from years of design experience. His favorite thing to do is talk about himself, so spewing facts for this page was his favorite assignment so far at SquarePlanet. *Insert sarcasm here.*

Anyhoo, Brent is vastly versatile when it comes to design knowledge. When asked what his motto is, he casually says “there are always 10 ways to skin a cat.” And as horrible as that may sound, there really are 10 ways to skin a cat. Maybe even more when you think about it.  

Brent grew up in New York — no, not the city — but rather, Upstate. Raised by two loving parents who were very supportive of his artistic endeavors early on, Brent felt at ease when it came to anything creative. At 8 years old, he started taking piano lessons. He’s a trained classical pianist, but mostly plays by ear and enjoys playing just about anything. Anything except jazz. It’s so hard. Also, jazz is stupid. Just play the right notes, dammit!

When he turned 18, Brent said “sayonara” to the frozen tundra and headed to Dante’s Inferno, which you probably know better as Phoenix, Arizona. Brent is a proud graduate of the Art Institute of Phoenix, where he earned himself a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design.

When he’s not designing masterpieces at the SquarePlanet headquarters, you can catch Brent volunteering, performing in a band or doing anything sports-related. He’s an avid tennis player and loves the game of baseball. Yes, he’s one of those people. He obsesses over stats and numbers for each player on his favorite team, the Los Angeles Dodgers. Which might strike you as odd, considering he’s from New York. … Yeah, we’re not sure either.  

Brent’s motto in life is “Humata, Hukhta, Huvarshta,” which means “Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds.”