About Brian

Brian is the captain at the helm of the SquarePlanet pirate ship.

With a passion and special knack for communicating and public speaking since a very young age (as pictured), Brian is the driving force behind all things Square. With decades of experience across a wide range of creative industries, Brian’s ability to inspire and collaborate make him an invaluable leader. And when it comes to presentations, he doesn’t just talk the talk. Brian is a highly regarded speaker, regularly presenting to audiences all around the world about innovation and the power of communication.

As a proud adjunct lecturer at Northwestern University’s Farley Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Brian works with both undergrad and graduate students just beginning their journeys into the world of small business entrepreneurship. He’s coached leaders of Fortune 500 companies, TED speakers, Shark Tank contestants and countless business owners to help them communicate and ultimately lead how they’ve always imagined.

Long story short, he’s kind of a big deal.

He’s also a proud native Chicagoan and Chicago Bears fanatic, which can make for sensitive Monday mornings during NFL season. Brian and his wife recently relocated to Phoenix, AZ where he can now hate Chicago winters from a safe and warm distance.

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