About Jill


As a lifelong photographer, Jill’s your girl if you need a photo snapped. Or if you need some motherly advice. Or if you need some empathy. Or if you need anything, really — she’s a go-getter with constant, unwavering positivity that seems to rub off on everyone she interacts with.

Hailing from Omaha, Nebraska — and boy, is she proud of it — Jill is perhaps the nicest person you’ll ever meet. Because, well, literally everyone in Nebraska is the nicest person you’ll ever meet. It may or may not be a prerequisite to live there. Jury’s still out on that one.

A proud alumna of the University of Missouri’s photojournalism school (MIZ!), Jill used to work as a photo editor for the Arizona Republic. And despite her never-ending love for SquarePlanet, she’s forever grateful to the photojournalism world. After all, that’s how she met (and fell in love with) her hubby, Michael, who’s also a photographer. Together, they have two wonderful boys — Ollie and Henry.  

Jill is one of the world’s biggest animal-lovers, and MUST pet all dogs within arm’s reach. As a matter of fact, she used to have a bumper sticker that read “All I want is to pet all the dogs.” So yeah, it’s legit.

Innately a creative person at heart, Jill has started more than five crafty/creative businesses. From a traveling photo booth to custom-made watercolor prints, flavored tortillas and caramels to handsewn/painted items, Jill really is a serial small business entrepreneur. Or at least she was before having kiddos, of course.

When she’s not steering the SquarePlanet ship of productivity, Jill loves to hike and enjoy the great outdoors that Phoenix has to offer, even if she does miss the green (at least in the summer), rolling, tree-covered hills of Omaha. Still, she’s stoked and grateful that she has so many trails to explore just minutes from her house.

While she likes to think she’s “uniquely unqualified” for this job, she surprises herself every once in a while by how good she really is at it. And the rest of the SQP team loves having her aboard.