Average Guy Gives Yet Another Predictable Power Point Presentation

July 8, 2014

Chicago, IL

In perhaps the most typical conference meeting of all time, an audience of roughly fourteen salespeople were forced against their will to politely humor their colleague in what appeared to be yet another poorly strategized power point presentation.

The unnamed presenter was evidently taken over by a combination of stage fright and lack of preparation. The result was a monotonous, fifteen-minute presentation read verbatim from the screen. A substantial amount of “ums,” and “likes,” littered the poor delivery, and it’s inadequacy was and solidified by an uncomfortable lack of eye contact.

Additionally, the power point slides lacked any remote intrigue. They had black writing on a white background, and included graphics with resolution so poor the audience got migraines just from looking at them.

One member in the audience said, “I’m honestly just upset I forgot my phone at my cubicle. Sitting on Facebook could have made this whole thing go a lot quicker.”

Another woman attending the conference meeting claimed she actually appreciated the 15-minute block of time, which she dedicated to a power nap. Next time a conference meeting is called, she said she will most likely bring her book of Sudoku puzzles.

We’ve all sat through, or even given that presentation. Here at SquarePlanet, we get it- sometimes, presenting is hard. But it’s important not to underestimate the power of effective communication. So, we’re here to help.  Want to receive personal, constructive feedback on your next presentation? Contact SquarePlanet today.


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