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Steve Brown is a best selling author and entrepreneur who believes most businesses sit on golden toilets.

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Unfortunately, this isn’t a good thing. Steve knows businesses are wasting precious resources. This includes flushing marketing dollars down the drain while missing growth opportunities to acquire new clients.

Master marketer and self-described Texas boy, Steve Brown discusses the idea that marketing today is best served by those who can combine the latest technologies with the most human-centered approach. It’s bigger than algorithms, apps, ad words and analysis. Instead, it’s about knowing that people matter most and recognizing how to connect with them. 

Steve Brown Squareplanet Brian Burkhart Square stories podcast

Throughout this easy-going conversation, many nuggets of wisdom emerge, including a realization that Brian and Steve are “net neutral”. Unfortunately, they aren’t saving the planet, no massive environmental shifts here.  Instead, they are talking about their hair as Brian “offsets” Steve carbon footprint…so to speak. 

The conversation quickly shifts back to business and a time when Steve’s firm ROI Online didn’t have a clearly articulated strategic vision. And it’s a mistake Steve won’t ever make again. He explains how once built and communicated, his vision truly helped his team and firm move forward. Without one, not only do bad things happen, but associates don’t really know where to go or even what to do.  Quite simply, you need to know where you’re headed, otherwise, you’re simply running in circles.

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