Drinking From a Firehose

December 19, 2012

I know we have probably mentioned this before, but MAN, it really can’t be over-stated. The easiest way for anyone to communicate more efficiently and in a manner that makes people engaged is to simply SIMPLIFY. What do we mean by that?

Easy—if in doubt, leave it out.

We don’t need to hear about everything you know. We know you are the expert, that’s why we’re listening to you. You don’t need to prove to us how smart you are. Stop talking.

The most effective way to simplify your communications is to answer these three ridiculously easy but crucially important questions: 1) what do I want my audience to KNOW? 2) what do I want my audience to FEEL? 3) and, what do I want my audience to DO?

Answer these questions in their simplest of forms before you ever start crafting your message, and the message will craft itself—and it will be as simple and effective a communications tool as you can make.

Remember, drinking from a fire hose is never a good way to hydrate yourself, so why would you ask your audience to intake tons of data and information in the same manner?


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