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Use Your Newfound Time to Become More Awesome

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Around the world, leaders are grappling with difficult decisions that will immediately impact people all around them. From quarantined cruise ships and emptied schools to disrupted supply chains and free-falling stock markets, the coronavirus is affecting people of all nations in a myriad of ways, including their health and wellbeing.  We are all experiencing the hardship brought upon by this …

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Why Your Presentation Starts Before You Ever Step On Stage

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Post Written by Brian Burkhart – Forbes Councils Member Founder & CEO of SquarePlanet Presentations, author of Amazon #1 bestseller “Stand for Something” and faculty at Northwestern University.  Original Post Link Here Print/Download PDF Version It’s estimated that roughly 30 million PowerPoint presentations are given every single workday. That’s a lot of people trying to deliver insights and ideas that move others to …

Communicate Like a Fourth Grader

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Last month the world met a 9 year old girl, Sydney Smoot, who took on the Florida school board voicing her concerns about standardized testing (FSA). She absolutely killed it and she’s making headlines left and right. In the battle for effective communication, age is completely irrelevant. We’ve seen countless CEO and intellectual types crash and burn because they can’t get out of …

Stand Out and Don’t Suck: 4 Ways to Drastically Improve Your Job Interview Skills

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Ah yes, interview tips. While they’re certainly a dime a dozen, we thought we’d provide our take on what can set you apart during a job interview by looking at it from a new perspective: as a presentation. Just because you don’t have a deck of PowerPoint slides and a stage doesn’t mean it’s not an opportunity to be maximized …