Episode 4: Form Impactful Relationships with Unrelenting Generosity

January 4, 2017

Our guest in Episode 4 is Andy Crestodina, the founder of Orbit Media Studios, a Chicago based—#1 Google Ranked—web design and development company, and a leading expert in content marketing. Orbit takes a unique approach to connecting with people with events like their monthly Wine & Web and their annual conference for marketers called Content Jam. Tune in to our interview to learn more about how Andy makes waves through unrelenting generosity.

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Interview Notes

8:19 – Just give ’em the book!

10:05 – Wednesday’s at The Longroom

12:32 – It’s all about taking care of people.

14:32 – G.L.U.E. (Giving Little Unexpected Extras)

15:06 – We build cars, and teach driver’s ed.

16:04 – Not waiting for the call, I’m making it in advance.

18:03 – Attention and Retention: Cut the crap!

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