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Be Interested Instead of Interesting

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With a stated goal to become a master of curiosity, Oakland, CA-based executive coach David Gerber helps people traverse one of the most difficult journeys on the planet: their own life. This deeply personal, highly emotional and wildly interesting conversation provides insights everyone can benefit from. david gerber square stories brian burkart

David explains how personal growth begins by utilizing one of the most untapped resources of our minds: curiosity. He uses this in his own life to ask better questions, while searching to understand people, without judgment, with hopes of honoring and respecting them. 

A man of much achievement, David believes if you aren’t stretched to your limits, you probably don’t know where your limits are. And he should know! Whether it’s completing an Iron Man triathlon or purposefully plunging into neck-deep ice water for 10 minutes, David Gerber is a man intent on making a dent in the universe.  

Of course, he’s quick to tell you that the secret to making that dent is to first and foremost ‘be a person unto your self’. As David states convincingly, you are worthy of your own love, first. 

Yes, this episode features some deep thinking, but it’s also chock full of fun. Listen as the question “where did you go to school” turns into a circuitous journey inclusive of meteorology, biblical studies, throwing grapefruits and a fighter pilot call sign that’s not Goose. 

David Gerber proffers all of us the wonder and awe of finding out what we’re fully capable of. It’s about flipping the paradox in our own comfort zones to find the most energizing, fulfilled, loving life possible. And at the end of the day, isn’t that what it’s really all about?

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