InfinityComm CEO Alan McLaren: On Chasing Excellence Not Perfection, Support and Love, Making an Impact on Human Beings

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Alan McLaren is an incredible leader. He self-describes as “always happy, but never content.” He’s really a man on the move — for more than 30 years, this accomplished executive has been an integral part of everything from Fortune 50 public firms to small startups to volunteer positions on international boards.

He currently serves as the CEO of InfinityComm, a marketing/communications company, and he’s the co-founder of SaluberMD, a digital telehealth platform. Come along for the ride as our host Brian Burkhart gets the inside scoop on the Young Presidents’ Organization, the impact sports have on our lives and not being afraid to work with only the right clients.

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2:28 — Burkhart’s soon-to-be boss  

3:19 — Fireplaces, red wine and cognac

4:20 — YPO: A group of some of the world’s most dynamic, amazing, successful people

5:17 — Professional foundation started with newspaper delivery

7:24 — Support and love: The biggest gift any human being can receive  

8:45 — Don’t chase perfection; chase excellence

9:59 — Everything is about the WHY

11:13 — A lot of visionaries are required to change an institution’s path

13:13 — “Bloodying my nose a lot” led to success

14:47 — “Everything that I learned in sports, I applied to my life”

18:10 — “As humans, the only thing we have as a responsibility is to be kind to each other and to respect and help and support each other”

20:47 — Have an open mind and absorb knowledge and lessons from as many places as possible

22:19 — The purpose that set Alan free: Making a lasting impact on other human beings  

24:18 — Not everyone is the right client

28:17 — Work with only those who believe what you believe

29:44 — Alignment and fit are key ingredients for relationship with clients

32:06 — It’s OK to ditch the wrong business

36:22 — Marketing and communications world under attack?

38:55 — The “Go-Where-They-Ain’t” Strategy

40:50 — Smaller firms oftentimes provide more value

42:20 — “You’re gonna hate me…but I would do nothing differently”  

45:30 — “This is their world…not ours”

48:08 — International travel lesson: Understand the culture you’re going into

53:18 — Regardless of how much money someone has, they have the exact same fears, issues and problems you have

57:06 — On the horizon: Redefining what “work” means

1:03:26 — Want more Alan? Connect on LinkedIn