Episode 1: Getting from ‘Oh Crap’ to ‘Hell Yeah’ with Community Feat. Jon Schickedanz of Alliance Labs

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1_jon-schickedanzIn this inaugural episode of the Making Waves Podcast, we’re joined by a long-time friend, Jon Schickedanz. Jon is President of The Alliance of Creative Professionals and the Founder & Producer of  The Alliance Labs. From helping to curate expert creative teams to connecting new creatives with opportunities to gain experience—both organizations embody the drive to form powerful and lasting relationships.

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Interview Notes

00:32 – What is this making waves thing all about?

2:02 – Badass Starting Lineup:

  • John Schickendanz of Alliance Labs (11/2/16)
  • RJ Pahura (11/23/16)
  • Molly Fletcher (12/14/16)
  • Andy Crestodina (1/4/17)
  • Alex Gara (1/25/17)
  • Raman Chadha (2/15/17)

3:38 – Naked Simon Says? *Facepalm*

6:16 –  I can’t, to I can. Oh crap, to hell yeah.

11:00 – How to think about your Business’ Business.

12:00 – Seminars are hell for creatives. But not always.

13:50 – Is a website really the answer? Probably not.

15:11 – Jon gets deep #1: Filling the void.

16:23 – Jon gets deep #2: Everybody’s trying to create meaning. You have to do the work.

19:24 – ICStars (http://www.icstars.org/) and gaining relevant experience.

24:31 – There’s never a reason to miss a plane.

26:13 – You have to be ok saying, “I don’t know.”

29:27 – Make waves by realizing you’re the only authority in your life.

30:44 – All great leaders are obsessed in fulfilling their mission.

Find Jon:

TheAllianceLabs.com  |   312-278-3550  |   LinkedIn  |   415 N. Dearborn, Chicago, IL


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Brian is on faculty at Northwestern University and is Founder of SquarePlanet Presentations in Chicago. Through his work with TED speakers, Shark Tank contestants and business leaders around the globe, Brian’s mission is to help bring innovative ideas to life through the power of communication.

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