Junto Institute’s Catherine Jelinek: On Humanity in Business, Embracing Period Power, Bringing Women Together Episode 4

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Our guest on Episode No. 4 is Catherine Jelinek, founder and partner of The Junto Institute for Entrepreneurial Leadership. Junto is a leadership and revenue accelerator for growth-stage companies with 10-100 employees and/or $1 to $10 million in annual revenues.

Catherine believes deeply that it’s nonnegotiable to lead with humanity in business, she embraces the power of periods, aligns with Mother Nature and preaches that everyone should be alive at every moment. Join our host Brian Burkhart as he gets the dish on what makes Catherine such a gift to the world.

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:31 — SNAKES!!! 

2:36 — A true gift to the world

3:27 — Balto, the Iditarod and powdered milk: Magical

6:19 — No more moose for dinner, but still lots of imagining

7:14 — Entrepreneurship: If you can make it, you can make it

9:13 — Some of life’s most important adventures come from serendipity, not planning

9:54 — Off to uni: Take the leap

12:13 — The cycles of nature resemble those of life

16:07 — Junto Women: For female entrepreneurs, by female entrepreneurs

20:53 — It’s important for men to get in touch with their feminine side

23:59 — “I Am Woman”: Let’s talk menstruation

30:00 — A woman is just like Planet Earth

34:39 — Nobody’s the same person every single day: Play to your superpowers

36:34 — Creating a human being is nothing short of remarkable

42:12 — Trust your own innate wisdom

44:01 — Reach for it, go for it

46:03 — “Shoulding yourself” can quickly become toxic

52:55 — Choose to celebrate instead of compare

55:13 — Bringing women together to reimagine things — everything