Kolbe Corp Founder Kathy Kolbe: On the Kolbe Index, Standing up for What’s Right and ‘Moral-Imperative’ Projects

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Kathy Kolbe is a fascinating individual in a class all by herself. She’s an iconoclast who’s always been ahead of her time as a female leader. In fact, she was even recognized in Time magazine’s 1985 “Man of the Year” issue for her groundbreaking accomplishments.

Kathy is the founder of Kolbe Corp and is arguably best known for creating the Kolbe A™ Index, which is widely considered “the only valid and reliable assessment tool for measuring an individual’s method of operation within the conative faculty of the brain.” But she’s so much more than just that — she’s also a theorist, bestselling author, entrepreneur, educator, organizational strategist, consultant, speaker and the founder of Dynamynd Inc., her latest business venture.

Come along as our host Brian Burkhart gets the scoop on Kathy’s very own Kolbe Index score, the “family business” and why the current generation of America’s youth sparks so much hope.

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0:50 — Kathy Kolbe’s Kolbe Index of 2-6-8-4 means her and Brian would be a great couple

3:23 — The name, the face, the brand of Kolbe Corp: Who is Kathy Kolbe?

5:36 — “I don’t have to do it the way they tell me, I have to do it my way”

6:41 — “Obstinate”: A word to describe both Kathy and her mother

8:29 — “I was so shy, I would hide when company came”

9:16 — The family business: Kathy’s father invented the Wonderlic Test, but she “corrected [his] errors”

9:49 — “That’s the wrong test to see if you could be the right position player”: NFL should consider using Kolbe Index instead of Wonderlic Test

10:51 — “You tell me I can’t and I’m going to show you I can and I will”

12:09 — A passion for learning and exploring, testing and assessing

14:58 — “I have a low regard for degrees…I don’t think degrees are worth much at all”  

16:26 — Stay-at-home moms are some of the most incredible people in the world

17:50 — It’s important to figure out how to use your natural abilities for some purpose

19:24 — Don’t be afraid to stand up for what’s right

23:31 — Journalism, high school musicals, opening a summer school and more: How Kathy got here

30:26 — “I love being me because I’m not quite sure what’s gonna happen tomorrow — I mean, literally”

31:01 — Kathy’s newest venture, Dynamynd, “is changing the world” by forcing people to rethink the way things have always been done

32:56 — Those who swear are of a higher level of intelligence — it’s science

34:36 — “I am spending my time only on projects that are ‘moral imperatives’”

37:34 — “This generation of youth gives me more hope than I’ve ever had in all my generations”

39:30 — “We’ve never lost our greatness — America has been great forever. What we haven’t been is be the best we could be.”

40:53 — “I don’t need to try to pretend to be I’m something I’m not”

44:31 — “Never fear failure, and always learn from it”

46:35 — “I made the decision that I would be the best human being I could be”

51:00 — Kathy values time and energy far more than money

54:02 — Keep track of all the times you do something for the first time — you’ll be surprised how often it happens

57:20 — “Stay active and aware and compassionate about the people in the world around you”

57:49 — Want more Kathy? Hit up her company’s website, her Twitter or her podcast

Check out an explainer video of the Kolbe Index below: