Kelly Manthey: Mom, Wife and Leader of Solstice, a World-Changing Organization Episode 2

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Our guest on episode No. 2  is Kelly Manthey, CEO of Solstice. Solstice is one of Chicago’s largest and fastest-growing software-services companies. She leads a world-class team of digital strategists, designers and engineers in Chicago, New York, London and Buenos Aires.

Kelly, along with Solstice as a whole, is hellbent on changing the world through reimagining the digital customer experience and launching new digital products from many of the world’s largest brands. Join us as our host Brian Burkhart chats with Kelly about the Digital Age, building a culture of help and support, and why it’s so important for leaders to learn how to be empathetic.

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:32 — Original Sony Walkman: A huge deal

2:22 — Mom, wife and leader of a world-changing organization

3:30 — The path less taken

6:49 — Computer programming isn’t just science — it’s art

9:23 — Sink or swim

10:03 — Not the only woman

11:32 — Restlessness can lead to something spectacular  

15:44 — Your experiences are bricks — use them to build

18:40 — Totally human

19:21 — Business in the Digital Age

21:49 — Lovie Smith, Tony Dungy and digital experiences

24:12 — Amazon’s influence means a whole new world

25:46 — Embrace uncomfortable

28:50 — Assign time for yourself — it pays off

30:48 — Feeling safe and secure: A culture of help and support

35:30 — You can’t give what you don’t have: A path to learning empathy

41:33 — Top reads from a book worm

45:11 — Just in the middle, but wow it’s incredible

49:24 — Teaser time

53:00 — Expand and explore