Mike Maddock: Leader of Thinkers, Self-Proclaimed Idea Monkey and Burkhart’s Doppelgänger Episode 1

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Our guest on the inaugural episode of Square Stories is Mike Maddock, founder of internationally-recognized innovation consultancy Maddock Douglas. Mike believes in lifelong curiosity, shared responsibility and leaning into creative solutions.

His services have been sought out by more than 25 percent of the Fortune 100. Mike’s purpose in life is to inspire and empower curiosity. He’s driven by his passion for making people believe they can change the world, and gives them the connections, tools, frameworks and wisdom to help them do just that.

Come along as our host Brian Burkhart puts Mike through the four-sided, stories-based interview sequence that is Square Stories.

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:37 — Doppelgänger alert

3:24 — Wow, what an impressive idea monkey!

4:38 — Burkhart sees double

5:57 — Go Cyclones!

8:00 — Cheese under the table

8:45 — Another male stripper

12:30 — A ripple on the water

13:30 — Don’t make excuses. Take responsibility for mistakes instead.

16:29 — The Firing Framework

20:43 — Great starter, lousy finisher

21:55 — The Ring Leader and the Idea Monkey

23:19 — The best number: 4493 or 3393?

25:51 — The sweet spot of life

30:11 — Sears: The Original Amazon

33:06 — What business are you really in?

37:16 — Company’s values vs. employee’s values

40:38 — Wisdom is more valuable than intelligence

44:41 — Technology is the silver bullet

46:46 — Bake ideas before sharing them

50:15 — Protect personal time. It matters.

53:33 — A few too many beers? You’re hired!

55:03 — Next up? Nothing but excitement