Shaping Company Culture with Jeff Sinelli of Which Wich

August 7, 2014

In this episode of Maximizing Opportunity, Brian and Derek discuss culture. Brian speaks to his affinity for and their encyclopedia entry regarding corporate culture, and how everything we do, and the things we believe, really means that you’re either part of the team or you’re not. Referencing several examples of corporate culture, Derek highlights Apple, Inc. as his favorite–speaking to the hidden gems included in the first Mac release. A pirate culture, that SquarePlanet embraces so deeply, was the same culture that had the Mac team treating each computer as a work of art, so much so that they signed their names to the cases.

This episode includes a wonderful interview with Jeff Sinelli, Founder and Chief Vibe Officer of Which Wich® Superior Sandwiches based in Dallas, TX. With over 300 stores in 10 countries, Which Wich® is a rising star in the restaurant industry and an amazing example of true culture. Jeff speaks to the power of powerful partnerships, his black and gold barometer for team involvement, and how a Double Meat Wicked® (AKA Lockjaw) sandwich formed an interesting relationship with a customer in Atlanta, GA. Jeff also sheds some light onto Project PB&J, an exponential effort to feed the community and the world. We will be joining them in March 2015 to help make these glorious sandwiches!

Brian leads the review with a passage from Creativity, Inc. by Ed Catmull, “Replace the word honesty with another word that has a similar meaning, but fewer moral connotations—candor.” At SquarePlanet, our office is orange and awesome, but it’s candor that really shapes our company into an exploding ball of culture.


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