Building Strong Relationships with Tristan Smith of Transamerica + Gretchen Hoffman of Paperwoven

September 15, 2014

This episode of Maximizing Opportunity shines a light on relationships. No, not the romantic kind! Brian and Derek feature several stories and interviews with a focus on being connected with people. A flashback to Brian’s past reveals why the name Todd will impact every Todd he meets, and how he unofficially changed one Todd’s name to Eddie. He then shows his appreciation for the Joe’s of the world, thanks to a special relationship with a one Joe Tortorich–a man that chose to work for his former high school instead of a big name firm… a man who is authentically caring. The gang talks about how relationships are a measure of success, but how without trust, authenticity and honesty, a relationship would be meaningless.

This episode’s interview is with Tristan Smith, the TPA Development Manager of the Western Division at Transamerica Retirement Solutions. As a very insightful guest, she talks to the importance of being yourself and how people want to do business with people. Tristan also recalls her journey through a male dominated industry and how she succeeded by knowing her stuff, coming to the table with solutions as well as answers, and asking questions. She breaks down a three part formula to forming connections, then shares a few lessons from Coach Dad. You can connect with Tristan on LinkedIn.

This episode’s review is for a mobile app called, Paperwoven. Paperwoven is a convenient service which allows you to send real greeting cards to the people you care about most, right from your mobile device—set reminders, pick your card, choose a message, and sign your actual signature! Maximizing Opportunity goes one on one with Paperwoven’s General Manager, Gretchen Hoffman. We find out that ‘Easy’ is the unspoken middle name over at Paperwoven. They believe that their product should be easy to use in order to eliminate the problems of time, hassle and worry. You can download Paperwoven on the AppStore or


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