We work with TED speakers, Shark Tankers, sales organizations, sales reps, authors and Fortune 500 companies to help them seize every opportunity and send a message that resonates long after first contact. Here’s how:

  • Content Strategy

    It all starts with content. Once we learn everything we can about your goals and your business, we begin to craft your story. We explore. We simplify. We write. A lot. Our goal? To fundamentally alter the way you think about how you express your own ideas. Think caffeine fueled whiteboard sessions.

  • Delivery Training

    When we craft your presentation, we don’t just stop at giving you a brand new vehicle. We teach you how to drive it. Like, really drive it. Our one-on-one delivery training is designed to expand your comfort zone and leave you feeling comfortable, confident and ready to take on the world.

  • Visual Design

    Once your message is honed, our experienced team of presentation designers give you the tools to leave your audience’s jaws on the floor. Combining your brand’s existing visual elements, evocative imagery and simple yet captivating animation, we’ll bring your story to unbelievable new life.

What are you presenting?

Keynote Presentation

Are you a C-level executive looking to rally people around a unified message but too strapped for time to put it all together? An author looking to turn your latest book into a dynamic and engaging presentation? Maybe a paid public speaker looking to stand out and make a bigger impact? We can help you create a keynote presentation tailored just for the occasion. Get Started

Words From Our Raving Fans:

"These guys rock. The combination of the story and design made all the difference."
Shachar Schiff
Founding Principal / Bad Testing
“When it comes to presentations, it’s pretty simple. There’s the SquarePlanet way or the wrong way.”
Jeff Sinelli
Founder + Chief Vibe Officer / Which Wich Superior Sandwiches
“Working with SquarePlanet has revolutionized the way our organization communicates, both internally and externally. Not only have our sales numbers improved, but it’s unified our entire organization under a smart, compelling and effective message.”
Jason Crane
Ascensus, Head of Retirement Distributions / Ascensus

Are You Excited?

So are we. We’re setting sail to fundamentally change the way people communicate. We’d love to have you along for the ride.

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