Brian BurkhartLet’s cut right to the point — when it comes to one-on-one presentation coaching, there’s no one in the world more experienced, candid and impactful than Brian. If you’re looking for someone to feed you a combination of vocal exercises, hand placement strategies, sunshine and rainbows, there’s lots of more appropriate options out there.

Working with Brian means it’s going to get real. Fast. Yes, he’ll teach you things about giving a presentation you’ve never considered. But he’ll also dig to your very core and challenge everything you’ve always thought to be true about how to communicate and lead effectively. When Brian works with leaders of Fortune 500 companies, it’s not to join the chorus of ‘Yes, of course you were great.’ It’s to tell you the truth. The actual, and often ugly truth.

New strategies will be formed. Minds will be blown. Hammers will drop. Notebooks will fly and tears might be shed. But no matter who he’s working with, Brian’s no-holds-barred coaching style is only from love. His passion comes not from breaking people down. It comes from showing them the incredible potential that has always lived within them, but like Michelangelo and the statue David, it must be chiseled away, one step at a time.

Brian at a Glance:
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Take Their Word For It:

Brian is one of those rare people who fundamentally changes the way you do things. He elevated the stature of my school with one class, inspired our students not with fluffy talk but practical know-how, and simply changed the way they think. And for me personally (a public speaker & professor for many years), he has altered the way I communicate and present myself. He's worth every penny and a hell of a lot more.”
Raman Chadha
“Brian is the most incredible person I’ve ever met.”
International Philosopher
“I cannot recall a time where I spent an hour in a room and experienced a paradigm shift in how I thought about myself. I'm glad that I was introduced to SquarePlanet and I highly recommend that anyone doing public presentations invest an hour of their time with Brian to get a wake up call.”
Lane Campbell
Lifelong Entrepreneur
"Coming to your office for coaching was one of the best investments I’ve made in my own professional development in a long time."
Jenn Shoop
Founder / Fizz
"Brian taught me how to be a better speaker; but on a much deeper level he taught me how to be a better person."
Michael C. Phillip
Founder + CEO / Votimo

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