Episode 2: Winning, Failing, and Cannabis in the Investing World Feat. RJ Pahura of Venture Connects and FUND Conference

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In our second episode, we’re joined by RJ Pahura is the CEO and Founder of Venture Connects and the FUND Conference here in Chicago. He’s a driving force in preparing and educating startups, and has created a solid community in the Midwest to forge connections with investors and growing companies. He’s shares solid insights for startups and early growth-stage companies on the hunt for investors. We also get his take on Cannabis as a legally growing market.

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Interview Notes

4:35 – What is the FUND conference?

8:10 – What are startups doing to stand out?

11:20 – What do you look for?

  • Is it a real business?
  • Would we personally invest in them?
  • Would others invest in them?

13:40 – Investing in businesses is just like investing in the stock market.

15:39 – Talk about your idea.

16:53 – What do you say to people who think their idea is a million-dollar idea, but probably isn’t?

19:33 – Questions and myths of investing.

22:28 – What’s going on with the cannabis economy?

26:50 – It’s time to kill the Uber of __________ template. Just stop. Now.

29:51 – RJ’s passion for motorcycles and his take on how they’re making waves.

Find RJ:

VentureConnects.com  |  FundConference.com  |   LinkedIn

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