Running With BuffaloBeliefs lie at the heart of everything we do. From the political and social ideologies we support to the food we eat, our everyday decisions are governed by what we believe. Why should the business marketing world be any different? Why are the companies that create bold belief based marketing strategies the exception to the rule?

Running With Buffalo explores two types of marketers: First, the safe and unmemorable; those with messages that fail to stand out. These are the companies that keep their heads down and follow the momentum of their herd for fear of leaving it. Secondly, the bold; those who stood up for ideas that stand out and have built incredibly successful businesses in the process.

Through extensive examinations of many notable brands, Running With Buffalo takes a deep dive into the psyche of the founders of these businesses in order to learn more about what makes them tick and how they were able to look up, be bold, and separate themselves from the herd by shouting what they believe.

Finally, Running With Buffalo offers a proven step-by-step process of how YOU can do the same. No matter what the size and scope of your organization is, Running With Buffalo will help you break from the herd and start marketing your business like never before.

About the Author

Brian Burkhart

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Brian is on faculty at Northwestern University and is Founder of SquarePlanet Presentations in Chicago. Through his work with TED speakers, Shark Tank contestants and business leaders around the globe, Brian’s mission is to help bring innovative ideas to life through the power of communication.