Joe Tortorich Talks About the Power of Passion, Compassion and Empathy, Family Legacy and Smiling More

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Joe Tortorich is perhaps the most passionate person you’ll ever meet — and his passion for everything he does is undeniably contagious. As the Vice President of Operations and Sales at Torch Trailer Repair — his family’s business — Joe jumps into every day on the job headfirst. And while he’s proud of his work and his family’s success in the business world, his actual family members mean most to him.

So come along for the ride as our host Brian Burkhart chats with Joe about empathy and compassion, raising four children with his beloved parenting co-CEO, the value of working hard and building a family legacy.

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2:09 — Heeere’s Joey!

3:14 — Growing up: Gangways, hoppin’ fences, the beef stand…and a wonderful family

8:24 — “If you have to ask yourself if something is right or wrong, it’s wrong…Just stop and walk away”

9:32 — No matter where you’re from, you can rise above

11:52 — Joe’s childhood job: Doing well in school  

15:48 — Joe’s ability to truly love everyone doesn’t come easy to most human beings

19:04 — The moral of the story: Smile more

20:52 — “When I’m constantly giving…that’s when you see Joe T. at his best. And that’s a fact, Jack.”

24:07 — Joe and his wife — his “co-CEO” of the house — are constantly trying to figure out what’s best

26:41 — A goal without a plan is just a dream

27:11 — A real-life princess: Joe says his daughter is his favorite

29:23 — Joe’s Honda Odyssey: The coolest minivan on the block

31:01 — The family business: What is Torch Trailer?  

34:11 — Joe worries about the customers, not the trucks and trailers  

36:35 — Mom grinds it out in the office while Joe and dad are out building relationships — it’s awesome

37:14 — Our business, our project, that we get to do together

37:56 — Women are the heart and soul of everything we do

39:32 — Be humble: You don’t always have to be the loudmouth in the room…But, also fight for your confidence  

42:13 — No matter what happens in business, Joe will always be a husband and a father when he gets home…and that keeps him going  

45:00 — Joe’s No. 1 lesson in parenting: Accept the fact that you don’t know it all  

48:04 — Wakeup call: St. Joseph’s High School told Joe they needed to go co-ed — and he shouldered the fault

53:14 — All love for Joe and St. Joseph’s High School, but ultimately Joe chose family

56:50 — Joe’s passion for everything he does is contagious  

58:27 — We have to look out for each other better in this climate we live in

1:00:57 — Joe’s next move? Keep grinding and conquer life with the “Six Squad”