Orange – Lesson 7: Standing Out Among Competitors Special Guest: Dave Dyson of Eclipse Telecom

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Go ahead… break the rules! In fact, we encourage you! This episode of Orange is all about contrast, being bold, and straying from the herd. Eclipse Telecom CEO, Dave Dyson, shares his insight into effective communication by sharing a story about how going against the norm positively impacted his organization. Watch All Lessons onYouTube  

Orange – Lesson 2: Communicate Better with Contrast

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Have you ever wondered why us SquarePlaneteers are all orange all the time? Or what this whole pirate thing is about? Well it’s not because we have an unbridled passion for citrus, or that we just like playing dress up. Although we don’t NOT like playing dress up.  It’s all about CONTRAST! In this episode, Brian pulls back our Orange …

Contrast in Business with Tony Lenhart of Sales Empowerment Group Stand Out Among The Competition

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On this episode of Maximizing Opportunity, Brian and Derek discuss the importance of Contrast.  Brian starts with a story about a 3.2 magnitude earthquake that struck LaGrange, IL back on November 4th, 2013 at 12:35pm. The importance? It’s not what anyone expected! This is contrast… this is one SquarePlanet’s core beliefs. Derek explains how SquarePlanet does things to stand out …