3 Ways to Boost Your Presentation With a Smartphone

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Between daily experiences, online articles, social media posts and the news on television—there’s certainly no shortage of stories. But still, businesses continue to present overwhelming facts and figures to encourage people to make important decisions. I call bushleague! As communicators, it’s up to us to pay attention to what’s happening around us and draw parallels to our ideas. This encourages people to make …

Automation in Business with Brent Stack of Social Leverage Free Up Time for Opportunity

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In the inaugural episode of ‘Maximizing Opportunity’ Brian Burkhart of SquarePlanet talks about maximizing opportunity with automation. He is later joined by Brent Stack, Principal and Founder of Social Leverage out of Irving, TX. The episode wouldn’t be complete without a review; in this episode Brian speaks to his experience with Dropbox, a leading file-hosting service.