Welcome to SquarePlanet’s signature offer, The Pitch Elevator, we’re so glad you stopped by!

At SquarePlanet, our core belief, the singular thing that fuels everything we do, is “Elevate People”. That means every action we take, every tool or resource we create, every person we coach, every team or organization we interact with, is powered with the express purpose of positive transformation.

The Pitch Elevator isn’t for everyone. Not every leader, sales professional or founder desire greatness. In fact, some are very content with good enough. But not our people. Those who desire to go directly to the top, those who know that improving themselves is the most important step toward success, those are people ready for The Pitch Elevator.

Our six-month program consists of four parts:
      1. TOOLS: scripts, slides and marketing campaign ideas based around the 12 most common core beliefs in business today.
      2. RESOURCES: curated elements to equip you with actionable insights and ideas that will improve your skillset and help you elevate everything you do.
      3. COMMUNITY: a safe, robust online community of like-minded people to share ideas, discuss best practices, network and even cross-sell.
      4. THE VELVET HAMMER: the most impactful and valuable part of The Pitch Elevator, this is where the action happens! Bi-monthly, live sessions where members are encouraged but not forced to take the hot seat. Present to the online group and receive immediate feedback from SquarePlanet founder, pitch guru Brian Burkhart.

Warren Buffet said the most important investment you can make is on yourself. If you’re interested in remaining exactly where you are, The Pitch Elevator isn’t for you. But if you’re intrigued by crushing sales quotas, building an improved personal brand and be routinely recognized as one of the best in your company and industry, let’s talk.

The Pitch Elevator is going up, are you? 

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