Speakers bureau, schmeakers schmureau. Introducing TROOTOLC.

Hear ye, hear ye! What is The Royal Order of the Orange Lego Cufflinks, you ask? The inviting faces you see below are not just our friends. They are our group of trained, vetted, and downright spectacular speakers. TROOTOLC is our exclusive club of the very finest—the orange brick calling card of those who have gone through our orange gauntlet of presentation training glory and emerged on the other side ready to share their story like never before.

At SquarePlanet we believe audience experience is everything. We believe that the way to truly connect with people lies in being bold and doing something original. We believe safe sucks. Below are speakers who agree. And they don’t just talk the talk. They’re inspiring audiences around the country, and would love to give your event’s audience a chance to witness them in action. Contact us today about booking and availability.

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Interested in joining The Royal Order of the Orange Lego Cufflinks? They may be easy to wear, but they’re not easy to earn. Brian will make you cry in your attempts to join. Just kidding. Well, mostly kidding. No tears necessary, but it’s called the ROYAL order for a reason. This is an exclusive club for those who truly want to be better and reach new audiences. Apply today to begin your journey.

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