Serve, don’t sell — and rap a little, as well (with Liston Witherill)

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Liston Witherill, the creator of the “Serve—Don’t Sell” method, is fascinated by why people make the decisions they do, and how to change their decision-making processes.  After a short stint as a hip hop artist and a master’s degree in environmental science and management, he now lives and breathes the world of sales. 

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Since 2018, he’s been focusing his energy 100% on marketing and selling professional services. He spends a lot of time writing, creating podcasts, and creating all sorts of content for his clients to enable them to make changes and improvements to their businesses rapidly. He loves getting to work with really smart people to help their businesses grow and according to him, he’s on a mission to make 100,000,000 world-class, ethical communicators.