Accidental Awesomeness

November 14, 2014

If you’ve ever been into the SquarePlanet Worldwide Headquarters, you know that our orange walls are covered in belief statements. We have tons of them, and they serve as the foundation of our company culture. They live all over our office as a simple reminder of who we are and what we stand for. One belief that particularly stands out for me is incredibly simple and quirky. “Don’t underestimate the power of accidental awesomeness.”

This little nugget of inspiration reminds us that sometimes greatness is stumbled upon, but that doesn’t make it any less great.

For example, the microwave was created on accident. Sticky note adhesive was originally supposed to be super glue. Champagne was actually bottled wine that just didn’t ferment properly.

Now believe me, I believe in planned awesomeness, too. I’m an advocate for hard work and setting goals.  I believe success is earned and that the journey to reach it is one of graceful, albeit sometimes sucky, character building.

However, success isn’t an endpoint. It’s is a journey. It’s aiming for one thing, and finding a million other little things along the way.

Because realistically, most things don’t go according to plan. Sometimes you do everything within your realm of knowledge, and your super glue STILL doesn’t work! That’s okay.

Because if you’re on the road to reaching your goals, crossing the finish line, or maybe even just receiving a trophy for participation—your chances of stumbling upon that greatness are exponentially multiplied. You’re aimed for permanent adhesive, but you landed on an office-memo, grocery list and passive-aggressive note leaving revolution!

In other words, just because things aren’t going according to plan doesn’t mean they’re not going in a good direction. Make the best out of what you’ve got. When life gives you incorrectly fermented wine, make champagne. What topically appears as failure may just be a blessing in disguise. It’s your job to see through that and harness the power within that accidental awesomeness.


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