Tony Wilkins Writes The Right Checks

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Tony Wilkins is famous for the way he provides perspectives, stories, insights, and analogies to business leaders that conjure up the response, “Hmmm. I hadn’t thought of that.”  He’s renowned for his penchant for asking provocative questions that lead to creative epiphanies. Nationally active in the early stage innovation ecosystem, Tony mentors, connects and invests in Seed and Series A …

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When It Comes to Business, Dave Knox Knows the Value of Being a Generalist, Not A Specialist

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Dave Knox is the kind of guy who has been ahead of the curve since he began his professional career right out of college, when he began his journey in brand management at Proctor & Gamble.  He is widely recognized as an innovator who bridges the worlds between brand marketing, digital, and entrepreneurship, and is the person to learn from …

Gair Maxwell Squareplanet Brian Burkhart

Gair Maxwell Will Choose Action Over Contemplation Every Time

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Gair Maxwell knows that success doesn’t come to those who wait–success comes to those who do the work, who hit their bucket of balls every single day, who never stop striving. His lifelong fascination with how things become “legendary” has translated to his work today dissecting how the world’s top brands become simply irresistible through the power of story. He …

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Becc Holland wants to combine the best of automation with good, old-fashioned personalization

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There are some people who live and breathe sales, and Becc Holland is one of those folks. For her, figuring out how to help people make sales in a genuine way, while still integrating the best automations that our current tech has to offer, is her passion, her profession, and her absolute forte. Born and raised in Texas, Becc is …

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The wisdom of business guru Gino Wickman, for entrepreneurs and everyone else.

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Gino Wickman is an entrepreneur’s best friend. In fact, it’s all he thinks about. His six books on the topic have sold over a million copies, his lectures, speeches and teachings have been enjoyed by massive numbers of people and over one hundred thousand companies currently use his platform for their operating model. His life’s work is really quite simple: …

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Steve Brown is a best selling author and entrepreneur who believes most businesses sit on golden toilets.

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Unfortunately, this isn’t a good thing. Steve knows businesses are wasting precious resources. This includes flushing marketing dollars down the drain while missing growth opportunities to acquire new clients. Master marketer and self-described Texas boy, Steve Brown discusses the idea that marketing today is best served by those who can combine the latest technologies with the most human-centered approach. It’s …

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Be Interested Instead of Interesting

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With a stated goal to become a master of curiosity, Oakland, CA-based executive coach David Gerber helps people traverse one of the most difficult journeys on the planet: their own life. This deeply personal, highly emotional and wildly interesting conversation provides insights everyone can benefit from. David explains how personal growth begins by utilizing one of the most untapped resources …

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Nice Guys Can Finish First

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You’re entitled to your opinion, but Doug Sandler believes being nice in business and life is the only way to be. And this isn’t just a passing whim for him. Using positivity as his internal compass, and a series of career journeys that seem right out of a Hollywood script, Doug has crafted a framework for success. His best-selling book …