Ann “Dude” Handley Shares Advice on Fear & Marketing

October 12, 2016

I had the fortunate opportunity to interview the one and only Ann Handley a while back for our old podcast, Maximizing Opportunity—which we’re pivoting into our new podcast called Making Waves coming in November (more on that next week).

Ann Handley is one of my most favorite people, not only because she is a rockstar at what she does, but because she lovingly calls herself “dude” and drops Homer Simpson quotes into everyday conversation. If you haven’t already started listening above, scroll back up and feast your ears on this solid advice from Ann on fear and marketing!

Interview Notes

0:15 – Check out Ann’s books:

2:21 – Ann’s blog about running toward your fear.

2:40 – Toward the Sounds of Chaos Video

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3:53 – Your comfort zone is your dead zone!

5:00 – The first step toward failure is trying.

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5:30 – Ann’s fear of public speaking and how she pushes through it.

7:51 – Fight through fear with a positive attitude. The Wright Brothers never thought they would be the first to crash.

8:38 – Try using self-talk to work through fear of failing.

10:42 – Break from the herd.

12:26 – The orange wall story. Sorry mom!

14:07 – Writing is thinking. Write daily to conquer your fears!

16:25 – Just start! Just get going! The more you do, the better you get.

16:39 – How to find Ann:


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