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Lauren Bailey believes that business success is deeply rooted in the people and culture of any organization.

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Lauren Bailey has always been comfortable in uncomfortable situations. Where others would wither away or tremble in fear, Lauren thrives. From picking and paying for college to building restaurant concepts, her creative problem solving has led to massive success. She’s a powerhouse; equipped with boundless energy, a deep wanderlust to experience the world and brains equal to her brass fortitude, Lauren makes things happen. 

Armed with a strong belief that this is the best time to be a woman in business, Lauren is an artist, an entrepreneur, a visionary, a risk-taker and a generous leader within her community.  

She explains why it’s okay to ask for help in life and business and implores all of us to get super comfortable with engaging a mental health professional on the regular. 

In this episode of SquareStories, Brian Burkhart and Lauren Bailey engage in a fast-paced, albeit a touch meandering, discussion chock-full of lessons for life, love, and business. And likely for the first and last time on SquareStories, be sure to listen to the phrase “a tinge of the ginge”. 

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