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In business, you need to create a strategy that makes you unique—otherwise, you’re just a commodity.

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From a very early age, Robert Blackwell Jr. has always seen the world in numbers. Think of the Fibonacci Sequence, he’s able to see patterns and create actionable data. At the core, Robert is an entrepreneur. Always evaluating opportunities to make money, Robert combines his unique skill set to stand out from the rest.  Brian Burkhart, Robert Blackwell, SquareStories, SquarePlanet podcast

As an eight-year-old, he collected empty soda bottles for change. As a twelve-year-old, he washed dishes at a restaurant. And for Robert, school wasn’t about academics. For him, school was great for one thing; the large customer base for his bustling chewing gum business. 

He has written code for stock trading algorithms. He’s sold exotic foreign cars. And because it makes no obvious sense whatsoever, this martial arts trained technical wiz got into real estate and developed neighborhoods. Of course that all led to his world-class ping-pong business and friendship with corporate counsel, an unknown Chicago attorney named Barack Obama. 

You read all that correctly. And yes, this is a non-fiction story. 

Robert believes that in business you need to create a strategy that makes you unique. Why? Because if you’re not unique you’re just a commodity. In this episode of Square Stories, we’ll learn the science of how time equals money, how being a millionaire in Zimbabwe isn’t such a big deal and how formulas can exist for almost anything.

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