TTI Success Insights’ SVP of Operations Candice Frazer: On Storytelling, How Gratitude Saved Her Life, Honoring People With Feedback

June 20, 2019

Candice Frazer is the Senior Vice President of Operations at TTI Success Insights, a local Scottsdale firm that provides assessment-based talent management solutions to organizations on a global scale. As the SVP of Operations, Candice acts as the central hub of communications for all projects, initiatives and results for the organization.

Her self-described superpower is “organizing the chaos and embracing visions not often seen by others.” In other words, Candice is in charge of ensuring TTI SI’s success, which is no small task…but she’s certainly got the chops for the job. She’s previously worked for SOCIALDEVIANT, CareerAgility, Verizon, Redbox Instant by Verizon and more.

She hails from New York, so she knows all about grit and work ethic. She’s got an MBA in marketing from Boston University, she reads business books for fun, she’s a self-proclaimed lover of tea and she’s a mother. Come along for the ride as Candice dishes about when she fell in love with storytelling, why she expresses gratitude every morning and how “your vibe attracts your tribe.”

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:51 — We gotta get it right

2:03 — She’s got the chops for the job

3:53 — “A big piece of grass”: When you say it with the accent, Candice hails from “Lawn Island”

6:10 — Candice is fascinated by storytelling, and she learned from the best storytellers around

11:31 — “Go forth and be happy”: Candice was the first of her family to graduate from college

12:52 — “I have my daddy’s eyes, I have my daddy’s allergies and I have my daddy’s attitude

15:21 — “This is supposed to be the happiest day of my life!”: Doctors discovered a hole in Candice’s heart the day after she gave birth to her firstborn

20:36 — Candice used gratitude to pull herself out of a very dark place — she used it as a process every morning

22:15 — Chronicling and/or expressing your gratitude is an incredibly powerful thing — and it could change your life

25:59 — Candice believes deeply that everyone has a right to love what they do every day

29:33 — “I don’t add process for process’ sake, but I do believe in all of its virtues”

32:01 — “It’s really neat”: Candice recently tried a sensory-deprivation tank — and she loved it

36:06 — Candice enjoys a “lean-back experience” as opposed to a “lean-forward experience” — Burkhart enjoys throwing pots

39:35 — Candice’s No. 1 life lesson: Practice and express gratitude daily

44:23 — “Your vibe attracts your tribe”

46:26 — “No one has the utopian, perfect life…and yet, the reality is, all of us have lots of people who have it way worse”  

48:29 — Life lesson No. 2: “Honor other people with feedback”

55:27 — Workplace change will affect how we see organization: Candice predicts a “nimble” future

59:17 — The SquarePlanet pirate story

1:02:05 — Want more Candice? Connect on LinkedIn or shoot her an email at

1:03:16 — Candice puts gratitude and feedback to the test in 60 seconds


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