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Becc Holland wants to combine the best of automation with good, old-fashioned personalization

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There are some people who live and breathe sales, and Becc Holland is one of those folks. For her, figuring out how to help people make sales in a genuine way, while still integrating the best automations that our current tech has to offer, is her passion, her profession, and her absolute forte.Becc Holland Squareplanet, Brian Burkhart,

Born and raised in Texas, Becc is now based in San Francisco, where she works for, a conversation intelligence platform that is committed to changing the way we think about sales.

In college, she thought she might want to go into law, but changed directions and instead began her sales career right out of college. She has fast become a respected and innovative thought leader with her YouTube series, “Flip the Script,” where she provides amazingly helpful and FREE videos to anyone seeking to up-level their sales game with time-tested strategies that can help make the cold calling process more strategic and effective.

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