Reva Pellerin is an Empathic, Kombucha-Brewing, Knitting, Tech Leader

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Reva Pellerin serves as a Business Development Manager at Vidyard, an exciting and very COVID-relevant company helping B2B organizations use video to tell their story and communicate in a more human way. Vidyard provides users the data to understand how video is impacting their business, and Reva’s five years there have been focused on helping organizations leverage video as a way to tell their story and humanize interactions in an increasingly automated world.

Outside of work, Reva is focused on her husband and young daughter, and the dreams they share to one day move on to more land and perhaps even grow their own food. An extremely empathetic person whose work is aligned with her values, Reva has a lot of wisdom to share regarding how to find a path in life that both resonates with you, as well as serves your dreams.