That which is nurtured, grows. For human beings, give us a few essential staples and we’ll sprout up like, well, a sprout. But keep those staples away, we’ll quickly wither into a dried, lifeless stump.

If you’re not into withering, consider our training programs designed to nurture you, fueling your personal and professional growth.

Harvard Business School has stated the most important human-skill in business is the ability to effectively communicate. And yet, the 16-year old kid making you a burrito bowl at Chipotle probably got more training than you did.

We trust highly trained, experienced specialists to fly our planes, cut our hair, fix our teeth, do our taxes, represent us in court, put out fires and make us a delicious meal. Yet for far too long, anyone who can successfully open PowerPoint is deemed ready to present.

At SquarePlanet, elevating people means lifting your skillset, your knowledge base and your overall communications effectiveness. If you want your audience to actually pay attention, that flashbulb transition you added to your slide deck isn’t going to get it done.

The best way is through one of our three primary training programs.




In 60 minutes, transform yourself, your skillset and everything you think you know about communicating effectively.

Our signature offer, the thing we’re known for and the game-changing difference maker you’ve been searching for. If you desire presentation training that’s actually effective and not just a pile of theory, this is the program for you.

Led by our founder Brian Burkhart, the best business leaders across the land have sought out his insightful, honest counsel. The Velvet Hammer is a fast, one-on-one, no-holds-bared, truth filled session guaranteed to positively change your trajectory.

Sometimes the most effective way to shake you from the slumber of old habits is a swift whack upside the head. Relax big fella, we believe in elevating, not harming, so our hammer is a soft, delicate, blunt force instrument of velveteen goodness.

Yes, it’s a hammer. And yes, it’s coated in orange velvet. No, you’re not actually going to receive a massive head wound, but in some cases, it really does seem like a good idea.

The Velvet Hammer costs $2,500, takes 60 minutes and is built for the ‘good’ who want to be ‘great’. Are you game?



The Velvet Hammer



Hey sales leaders, group training doesn’t have to suck. This is a spectacular example of that very thing.

For team-based training, nothing is more effective and more entertaining than the Traveling Hammer.

Most often at sales kickoff events, our founder Brian Burkhart puts business communicators to the test, on stage, in front of their peers. It’s kind of like the mutant stepchild of ‘American Idol’ meets ‘Glengarry, Glen Ross’.

Yeah it’s epic, frightening and soooo awesome all at the same time.

Brian’s uncanny skill allows him to provide immediate, in-the-moment, actionable feedback that elevates the individual presenter AND those listening in the audience, too. It’s the most effective, engaging, learning through osmosis stuff that elevates the entire organization, you’ve ever seen.

Groups generally block 2 to 3 hours of their agenda for the Traveling Hammer and use a random, name from a hat style drawing to get reps on stage.

Don’t be surprised when this becomes an annual highlight of your kickoff event.
The Traveling Hammer costs $20,000, is worth every damn penny and then some.

Virtual or in-person, it’s in HIGH DEMAND come January / February.
Book early!

Let’s Talk The Traveling Hammer.

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Think of us as an extension of your staff, because that’s basically what this is. Without the health insurance and 401(K).

At SquarePlanet, we’ve been doing this awhile. It’s not our first rodeo, and over the years, we’ve leaned that our clients often require a more lengthy engagement.

Oh sure, quick hits of high-powered improvement are awesome, but over time, it’s easy to fall back on old habits.

Typical projects include on-going presentation support, client outreach campaigns, creative development and personalized executive coaching. You’ll get VIP access to the SquarePlanet brains, plus a custom activity dashboard.

We love being part of a team, just not the Green Bay Packers. Let’s discuss SquarePlanet’s retained services for your team.

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Walker McKay

Founder, No BS Sales

“I can’t stop thinking about our hour together, that was really something. I think the “power of transformation” as a spoken value is one of the most important and valuable things I have learned in the last year. I’m sending every one of my clients to you for a Velvet Hammer session.”

Lane Campbell

CTO, Vue Ventures

“I cannot recall a time where I spent an hour in a room and experienced a paradigm shift in how I thought about myself. I’m glad that I was introduced to SquarePlanet and I highly recommend that anyone doing public presentations invest an hour of their time with Brian to get a wake up call.”

Jason Crane

Head of Retirement Distribution at Ascensus

“Hands down the best thing we’ve done as a sales team to significantly up our game. It’s good to be the boss, I mean, thankfully my name wasn’t in that raffle drum. That was a really powerful morning!”

Nik Rokop

Coleman Foundation Clinical Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship at Illinois Institute of Technology

“We most definitely could use a regular class on making presentations. I enjoyed watching you work the room and seeing the amazing results. Thanks Brian!”

Linda Dao Ohr

Head of Sales Enablement, Kin + Carta

“You made me look good to my boss and to his boss. That’s a job well done in my book! Hell yeah we’re signing up for another quarter of your brilliance.”

Jessica Wells

Sr. Director, Events Strategy & Marketing at Vizient

“I can’t begin to thank you and the SquarePlanet team enough. Our partnership means everything to me!”