Author/Small-Business Strategist Pamela Slim Believes People Have the Power to Shape the World Through Their Work

September 5, 2019

Pamela Slim believes that people have the power to shape the world through their work. So much so, that she traded in her job as a corporate training manager for a solo career in the late ‘90s … and she’s been changing the world ever since.

With her newfound sense of purpose and excitement out on her own, her life came alive. She had to share that feeling with the world.

In 2009, she wrote a book called, “Escape From Cubicle Nation: From Corporate Prisoner to Thriving Entrepreneur.” It helped spearhead the movement of people leaving corporate jobs to start their own enterprises, and was named the Best Small Business & Entrepreneur Book of 2009.

Now an award-winning author, speaker and small-business strategist, Pam founded The K’é Main Street Learning Lab in 2016. Based in Mesa, Arizona, it serves as a community think tank for small business economic acceleration.

Look, life really is too long to work for an organization that doesn’t believe what you believe. That’s why people like Pam are so incredible, whose core purpose is to inspire others to break free from that very situation — to find the life where they feel strongest. Tune in as Pam discusses compassion, empathy, perspective and her core belief that we all need each other.

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:50 — You’re not alone 

2:01 — Shaping the world through her life

4:05 — Lots of Pam’s values come from farmlife — passed down to her by her father  

8:16 — “I’m the youngest and very spoiled” — Pam jokes about being a “self-centered” youngest sibling 

10:05 — “The way I look at the world, I really do see we are related” — Pam feels interconnected with people all around the globe 

12:36 — Helping entrepreneurs and executives see things with a new perspective 

18:44 — Pam’s fam — Pam talks about her family 

20:05 — Coaching, consulting, coworking and content — the current life of Pam 

25:43 — The scoop on the Learning Lab 

27:27 — Pam discusses “tiny marketing actions,” cash flow and other things all businesses could improve on 

34:07 — How to make sure you don’t create the world you’re trying to avoid 

38:54 — Compassion, empathy, understanding and perspective are high on Pam’s list of lessons learned 

43:38 — Powerful storytelling can help others become more empathetic 

46:38 — Pam shares the No. 1 thing humans shouldn’t do 

55:11 — Pam’s core belief: “We all need each other” 

59:31 — Pam hopes to help others build their own learning labs in the future, a benefit for all people in communities

1:04:02 — Want more Pam? Connect with her on


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