Tiesta Tea CEO Dan Klein Spills the Tea on Transparency, Philanthropy, Teaming up with Chance The Rapper Episode 3

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Our guest on episode No. 3 is Dan Klein, co-founder and CEO of Tiesta Tea. He and his fellow co-founder started the company with the mission of creating functional, loose-leaf tea blends that are affordable, accessible and understandable.

Tiesta Tea has been recognized by the biggest news outlets including Inc., Forbes, ABC and FOX, and is available in tons of places like Target, Costco, Safeway and on Amazon. Perhaps the most impressive part is that Dan is just getting started — he’s just 30 years old.

Join our host Brian Burkhart as he chats with Dan about tea, total transparency, teaming up with Chicago’s beloved Chance The Rapper and helping those who need it most.

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:31 — “Gateway to the World”

2:17 — The tea tasted ‘round the country

4:45 — Meet me in Prague

10:22 — From bootlegger to business owner

11:41 — No. 1 and 2 on the mound

13:04 — Jimmy John’s founder: It’s all about the hustle

15:24 — Why can’t tea be more fun?

17:37 — YUM: Fruity Pebbles, Maui Mango and Blueberry Wild Child  

18:46 — Getting noticed is nice…and scary  

21:35 — Here comes a baby!

23:14 — Time is of the essence, and there’s not enough of it

24:39 — The smells and drudgery of getting on an airplane

26:46 — You gotta be a sponge

29:07 — Student of the game

34:06 — Once you’re in the door, step on the gas

37:01 — A whole new level of transparency

39:31 — “Spread The Warmth” with Chance The Rapper

45:08 — Living Well Project: Building water wells in Africa goes a LONG way

55:06 — What’s next? More stores, more philanthropy

57:41 — Being able to tap into human side of business so well is rare

58:30 — Join the movement