Marc Landsberg of Social Deviant + Ellona Ferson of Lovendar Talk Love + Business Jump on the Corporate Love Train

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This episode of Maximizing Opportunity puts love out in the open. Brian and Derek explore why it’s not uncommon to see people showing displays of love—from the man hug to talking about the things you love—but why are we so hesitant, inside the walls of a corporate structure, to express love? To say things like, I love you… I care about you… I want good things for you.

The in studio guest is a champion for love, and kindness, and is the perfect guest to discuss this topic. Marc Landsberg is the founder and CEO of socialdeviant, the kindest company in the world. His goal was to create a company which shows good guys can win. He’s done that by creating an operating model around that premise and showing, not telling, people that socialdeviant is consistent in their values. This kind of action is different—just off from center—a deviation from the norm. Marc has created an ecosystem where talents and clients thrive together, all in the spirit of kindness. You can reach Marc and socialdeviant on Twitter (@marclandsberg / @socialdeviant),, or

The product review in this episode is with none other than Ellona Ferson, creator of Lovendar—a mobile application which helps couples stay happy, connected and in love. Ellona started Lovendar with the belief that Love is the world’s most valuable possession, and that communication is the number one issue in failed relationships. The app acts as a planner giving people the right tools to plan events and activities to take the guesswork out of spending quality time together. Download Lovendar on the AppStore or visit the website at

To close, Brian challenges you to spend 10 seconds showing someone at work you love them, care about them, and want good things for them. Read more about being good in: Good Guys Finish First: 3 Ways to Be Virtuous in Business and Life



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