Code Orange: Stop Bombing Pitches and Start Telling Us What You Believe!

September 22, 2016

This is a Code Orange, because I’m FRUSTRATED!

I’m kind of sick and tired of what’s going on. At SquarePlanet, we meet all kinds of people doing all kinds of pitches. We’ve got people on Shark Tank… We’ve got all these startups… We’ve got these C_Os of big organizations… Everyone’s always pitching something. They come in here very excited, willing to share their stuff, and I’m frustrated because pitches continue to suck. We’ve been at this for a long time and put lots of stuff out into the world; Downloadable eGuides, all kinds of blog stuff, videos like this — and GUYS! YOU’RE NOT GETTING IT! You’re not paying attention.

It’s really straight forward. Let me show you a model. You’ve heard me talk about a guy named Simon Sinek, and he’s got this thing called the Golden Circle from his book Start With Why. The vast majority of you go from the outside in… you can tell me what you do… you can tell us how you do it… but you have no clue why you exist. You have no clue what the purpose of your organization IS, you have no idea what the beliefs ARE. And so your pitch sucks.

All the whats and hows are the simple stuff, like how your app works — we’ll get there! But that’s not what matters. What matters is what you believe. Your why is your set of beliefs.

Here’s what I want you to do:

You will see exactly what Paul believes. You will see why his company exists. You will understand exactly what Mutt Jackson is all about, but at no point does he tell you what it is or how it works.

WE’LL GET THERE! The thing that matters is your beliefs. STOP screwing up all these pitches! STOP with all the what’s and how’s! TELL us what’s in your heart! TELL us what you BELIEVE and get it right!



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