Let us help you translate your communications from in-person to virtual

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Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you know that in-person meetings are canceled for the foreseeable future. Las Vegas and Orlando, the two biggest meeting destinations in the country, have literally closed their doors and shuttered their conference facilities, and companies across the country are scrambling to find solutions. We’re here to tell you that even without in-person events, it’s …

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Use Your Newfound Time to Become More Awesome

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Around the world, leaders are grappling with difficult decisions that will immediately impact people all around them. From quarantined cruise ships and emptied schools to disrupted supply chains and free-falling stock markets, the coronavirus is affecting people of all nations in a myriad of ways, including their health and wellbeing.  We are all experiencing the hardship brought upon by this …

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Why Your Presentation Starts Before You Ever Step On Stage

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Post Written by Brian Burkhart – Forbes Councils Member Founder & CEO of SquarePlanet Presentations, author of Amazon #1 bestseller “Stand for Something” and faculty at Northwestern University.  Original Post Link Here Print/Download PDF Version It’s estimated that roughly 30 million PowerPoint presentations are given every single workday. That’s a lot of people trying to deliver insights and ideas that move others to …

Just Because YOU Can Justify Something in YOUR Head Doesn’t Mean It’s Right — Especially When It Comes to Presentations

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In the world we live in today, everyone has an opinion. About everything. Of course, everyone thinks their opinion is right. And everyone finds a way to justify everything in their own head. Think about it. Your neighbor justifies his choice to be vegan by saying “it’s the only way to achieve the body I want.” Your cousin justifies buying …

Missed Our Webinar?! No Worries, We Hit Record. How to Make Panel Discussions Not SUCK

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Greetings, friends! Our webinar titled How to Make Panel Discussions Not SUCK is in the books. Missed it? Want to watch it again? Want to share it with coworkers, friends, family, your neighbor?! Well, we’ve got great news—now you can! Enjoy! Remember: It’s called Business Theatre! It is a performance, so consider lights and a sound system. They make a HUGE …