Episode 3: Provide Value in Business with Curiousity & Chutzpah Feat. Molly Fletcher of The Molly Fletcher Company

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Episode 3 of Making Waves features our special guest, Molly Fletcher, who joins us from Atlanta, GA. Molly is not one to be quiet or demure—She’s a trailblazer who’s successfully navigated the business world as a sports agent, CEO, and talented public speaker. Tune in and learn from Molly’s stories about how you can provide value in business with curiosity and some good old fashioned chutzpah.

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Interview Notes

6:00 – Making waves as a woman sports agent.

9:06 – Deliver so much value that people on the other side    can’t help but do business with you.

9:43 – Great leaders are constantly curious.

11:42 – Approach relationships with authenticity and sincerity.

14:00 – A $91,800 lesson in Tennis + Pizza.

23:08 – The way to negotiate is continuing a conversation.

24:40 – You choose to make waves.

26:11 – How does Molly make waves?

32:07 – You gotta have your own story!

32:58 – Poor preparation produces poor results.

34:20 – Go DO something!

34:34 – Behind the scenes with Molly.

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